Unions – the sick and disabled need your support…

The Coalition is dedicated to persecuting the sick and disabled, and now Milliband says Labour will  cuddle up to the “squeezed middle” of society. Great, they don’t give a shit about us either.

There is the possibility of support from the unions, as Unite’s  Len McCluskey’s ‘alliance of resistance’ speech hits the news, aimed at forcing the government to step back from plans to ‘decimate the very fabric of the welfare state’.

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The Guardian’s Comment is Free moderation needs transparency…

I wrote, some time back, about the poor quality of moderation in the Guardian’s Comment is Free section, especially the habit of deleting any comments questioning the impartiality of the moderators, no matter how polite and reasonable.

The comment thread following this article, discussing the first student demo/riot (depending on which side of the argument you’re on), protesting about the grant cuts, and also covering the fact that the cabinet is so badly out of touch with reality because 18 of the buggers are millionaires, to whom the concept of a day’s work is, for the most part, entirely alien, is studded with deletions. And there are bound to be many deletions we don’t even know about, as comments seem to vanish without trace, as I mentioned in my original post,

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What I’m reading today, November 23…

Still tediously crawling through Francis Parkman’s The Oregon Trail (Kindle), and, god, it’s dull. As far as I can see there was no reason for this ill-equipped and ill-considered expedition other than Parkman’s obsession with the Plains Indians, whom he tended to regard as rather lethal children. I’m amazed he survived.

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