How is IDS still in office? Because he’s doing so well…

A popular question on Twitter is “How is IDS still in office given he’s such an incompetent oaf?” That’s the profanity-free version.

I used to think that – and say so, with a great deal of profanity – now I’m not so sure. Like ATOS, I think he’s just working to his brief, which is to reduce the numbers of the chronically sick and disabled by any means possible.

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Is the DWP institutionally insane, or purely evil?

IDS has the lunatic idea that plunging chronically sick and disabled people into penury, starvation, and homelessness will magically stop them from being chronically sick and disabled, which pretty much defines both descriptions.

Here’s a thought, IDS – since I became unable to work I’ve been homeless, and penniless, and I’ve succumbed to starvation, and guess what Continue reading

Hey, BoJo – mind the reality gap . . .

I have always resisted the idea that Boris Johnson is stupid, no matter how hard he works to give that impression. He is, I believe, an intelligent and politically very dangerous man. And then he goes and says something incredibly stupid, like this, about Nick Clegg:-

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Forget the Maya – the poverty apocalypse is already here…

Writing a comment in the Huffington Post, gently poking fun at those who stock up for the end of the world (what part of “world” and “end of” were they having trouble with?), it occurred to me that I, too, have good stocks of food, not for any mythical apocalypse but simply because, sooner or later, this benighted land is going to explode into violence – if people ever abandon their pull-the-ladder-up-I’m-all-right-Jack attitude, that is.

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Nick Clegg – detached from reality, and from humanity…

“Clegg said the Tories would have introduced “draconian” welfare cuts if it had not been for the influence of the Lib Dems in the debate leading up to the autumn statement.” Thus the Guardian.

I have, as regular readers will know, speculated, at some length, on the sanity, or otherwise – mostly otherwise, I honestly believe – of those at the top of our government. And now I’m beginning to wonder about Clegg, too – is his close association Continue reading

Foreign aid or disability benefits – which comes first?

Should we be paying out billions on foreign aid, much of it lost to corruption and maladministration along the way, when we have a government that claims we don’t have enough money to support our own most vulnerable citizens – the chronically sick and disabled – and, instead, prefers to punish them for being chronically sick and disabled?

A commenter at the Guardian thinks we should, saying:-

Both this government and the Labour government before agree that it is our social responsibility as members of the human race to help the less fortunate peoples.

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Just how sane are David Cameron, and Iain Duncan Smith?

Is it sane to force chronically sick and disabled people, living in poverty because they’re too ill/disabled to work for a salary, into virtual Workfare slavery, to work for their benefits?

Is it sane to shut down the Remploy network, which provides employment for disabled people, only to force those same people on to benefits and into the Workfare slave market?

Has Cameron’s deep hatred for the chronically sick and disabled, evident since the moment he took office, ever Continue reading

Shoot the organ-grinder, not the Atos monkey…

The BBC News website, in its article about the death of Cecilia Burns, who, seriously ill with breast cancer, has died after being adjudged fit for work, doesn’t allow comments, which is a pity when it makes witless statements like this, staright out of the IDS playbook:-

The government is seeking to reassess all 2.6 million people on incapacity benefit – and its successor employment support allowance (ESA) – by 2014 in an effort to encourage more people back to work and to cut the welfare bill.

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Cameron’s hatred of the sick and disabled is increasingly lethal…

A tweet on Twitter asks “1,100 disabled people died last year after they were found “fit for work”. Is the risk of 1% cheating worse than this?”

The answer of course, would be a resounding no, except for the fact that this has nothing to do with fraud, or the inability of this country to support (and, of late, to protect), its most vulnerable citizens.

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Two hours physical exercise? Fine – but only for those who can!

All children to do two hours of physical exercise per week – Cameron’s latest wizard wheeze – is a dangerous idea – especially that “all” bit.

Why? Simple, not all children are physically capable of exercise because of illness/ disability. Amend “all” to” all those who are capable” and it’ll save a lot of kids a lot of grief – I know, I was such a kid.

I had severe asthma and worse bronchiectasis after my lungs were trashed, at age 2, by simultaneous measles and whooping cough.

I could do pretty much anything other kids could do – just Continue reading