PCA points don’t count for DLA…

Another question from the search-engine list – If you have 30 Personal Capability Assessment (PCA), points do you get DLA?

No, absolutely not. PCA applies to Incapacity Benefit, and assesses your capability to work. It has nothing at all to do with DLA, which, as I’ve said previously, is payable whether you work or not, and has to be applied for separately.

IB is payable because Continue reading

Fat people, and the language of oppression…

The language of the anti-fat brigade is, at heart, the time-worn and despicable  language of oppression. If “Jew” or “Black” was substituted for fat or obese in their all too frequent attacks, these people would probably be arrested. The Evening Standard, below, for example, should surely have been busted for inciting public disorder, but it wasn’t, because even the government sees fat people as a legitimate target, unworthy of the protection extended to other minority groups. Indeed, they’re not slow, themselves, to join in the persecution, as Jonathan Porritt, the government’s chief fuckwit green advisor, has even, bizarrely, accused fat people of causing global warming, which rather makes me wonder if he actually has both oars in the water. Odd, really, since our PM isn’t exactly a paragon of slenderness. Rather, a portly, jowly, sod with a butt like a taxi with both doors open. It’s worth noting, too, that the lad Porritt is not exactly lacking in the chins department.

Nuffield Health has, today, launched yet another attack, in a study claiming that we’re not taking obesity seriously enough (they certainly are – the buggers make a Continue reading

Claiming DLA, not claiming IB/ESA…

Another from my search-engine list – can I still apply for DLA if I do not get IB/ESA?

Absolutely – DLA is nothing to do with either benefit – you can claim it even if you are working.

It’s provided to help the disabled with the additional costs of mobility and care that disability generates. Obviously, you can be disabled (as an amputee, for example), and still work.

You can download a claim form to complete on your computer from this page.

Mobility scooters – a few notes…

Another search-engine list nugget – 2 wheel Motability scooters.

Firstly, the writer means mobility, not Motability – and yes, there’s a difference – and there are no 2-wheel mobility scooters. I happen to think there should be though. Motability’s scooter and powerchair arm, by the way, is called Route2Mobility these days.

Mobility scooters are electric, and 3 or 4 wheeled. Three-wheelers are Continue reading

Adverse drug reactions…

Just a quickie – this question popped up in my search engine list, and needs an answer – If you react to one antibiotic will you react to others?

Presumably that means an adverse reaction and, in my extensive experience – antibiotics have kept me alive since they were first released for public use in the fifties – the answer is not necessarily. And not even with antibiotics that are closely related.

For example, Distaclor MR has put me in Continue reading

Making your own bread when you have ME/CFS…

In Loafing around – about bread-making (who’d have thought?) – I mentioned that the pain from the arthritis in my hands and elbows was causing problems. It was, too; the pain after the first loaf was pretty serious, though I played it down so as not to deter anyone else  from trying. A little over a week – and three loaves – later, the pain has abated considerably. Just a bit in my thumbs and wrists now, and I can live with that.

That got me thinking about bread-making and ME/CFS – and I think, for many, that it’s a pretty good idea and, unlike most exercise, you have something to eat at the end of it. Seems like a fair trade-off to me. It does depend on the degree to which the individual is affected, of course, but still…

Why? Because it’s just two bursts of work – one short, one very short – bookended by lots of waiting. Mixing is easy with Continue reading

Michael Jackson…

He was a sodding pop singer (not to mention a probable paedophile; after all, the estimated $20 million pay-off to Jordy Chandler’s family wasn’t the action of someone with nothing to hide). He wasn’t a major-league world statesman, or someone on the verge of finding a cure for cancer, or for Lindsay Lohan, so let’s have a little perspective, please, and a lot less hysteria.

Thank you so much.

Hypothyroidism and ME/CFS…

Apologies if I’ve posted this twice. I know I’ve written it somewhere, I just can’t remember where. I think it was on a website I’ve contributed to. I’ve also corrected the typo in the title!


The following is based on my personal experience, and a huge amount of research. I didn’t just rush into this; I knew exactly what I was doing and why I was doing it.

I would exhort anyone who is being recommended to take a course of action that involves any drugs to research it thoroughly. Start by verifying what I’m about to tell you (OK, you can’t verify the personal stuff, but you know what I mean).

Some years ago, when I was showing Continue reading

Opening time…

Is there a decent can opener out there?

I want the type that cuts under the can’s rim. I have one – Sainsbury’s own brand – that cuts inside the rim (the more common way), and on round cans it’s brilliant, but it won’t cut rectangular cans. Not that, as a veggie/piscatarian, I open many of those  these days, but there’s the odd can of sardines where the ring-pull pulls off and the only solution is an opener that will tackle a rectangular can, or dig out my pliers from the tool box, but using them often results in dribbling fishy oil everywhere.

For many years – 15 or more – I had Continue reading