Using the UCS™ Sterile, pre-moistened wound debridement cloth.

I posted a comment on YouTube. As it’s adverse, I’m also posting this version here in case it’s taken down.

The product in question is the UCS™ Sterile, pre-moistened wound debridement cloth. It’s used for removing necrotic tissue from leg ulcers.

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Living with chronic, severe and intransigent, pain…

Note: I started this some time ago, but have been undecided whether to finish and publish it as it seems a bit whiny. Right now, though, I’m hurting enough not to care. That, and I think it’s better out of my head than not – gives me some perspective.


I’ve been taking 30/500 Co-codamol for a long time now, except for relatively brief diversion to Dihydrocodeine (DHC), which was somewhat more effective but, given my heart problems since January 2011, has had a tendency to trigger pulmonary oedema. I still take DHC occasionally as part of my “Spoonie Speedball” – 2 Co-codamol + 60mg DHC and 200mg Naproxen, on the intolerable days.

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