Arrowe Park Hospital arrogance…

It’s now over 30 hours since I emailed my complaint to APH, along with supporting documents. I have twice – once yesterday, and again this morning – asked them to acknowledge receipt. They’ve failed to do so, or even reply, in either instance.

WTF is wrong with these people?

Anybody got a small tactical nuke that’s surplus to requirements? Get their attention…


10 thoughts on “Arrowe Park Hospital arrogance…

  1. Sorry to say this Ron, but sadly this is par for the course. The normal standard of good manners is just a mystery to these arrogant nobodies who think they’re somebodies. xxx

    • They’ve one more chance tomorrow – then it goes out to the press.

      Hope you’re reading this, APH, because I’m not bluffing.

    • Well, I’m not really, but what can their motive be – do they think this is going to improve my disposition?

  2. Did you send it to the Pals service? If I have any problems with anything hospital related I get in touch with Pals, usually get a reply very quickly.
    I made a complaint about our local hospital 4 years ago regarding my hubbys treatment and I sent it to the CEO via Pals, it was dealt with within their complaints procedure time limits.

    Just a thought……………….

    • The problem with PALS is that they’re accessible only by phone, in person, or mail – being housebound I needed email, so I’m dealing with the Complaints Dept., who, in the past, have been helpful. Not any longer, it seems.

      I see no point at all, though, in not acknowledging their receipt of my complaint because neither it, nor I, are going to go away.

        • Thanks Judith. Where did you find it? I came up blank on the hospital and PALS websites.

          Anyway, they finally emailed an acknowledgement today – saying it’ll take until July 27 to get back to me with an answer. Initially, they said it would take 35 days, so I’ll be wanting an explanation as to why that’s grown to 2 months. It gets increasingly absurd – I look at my file will show that I’ve had no treatment at all from Newall.

          I’ve already gone over a year with no effective treatment, I don’t have another 2 months to waste.

            • Yep – it’s actually pretty conspicuous! Ah well, I’d decided I wasn’t going the PALs route anyway since, as a source of information they’d proven singularly useless. But, as it’s turned out, so has the So has the Complaints Department.

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