The Addison’s Chronicles – Part 11 – Addendum…

I now have one of these:-

clip_image001 A Bodum Stainless Steel Travel Vacuum Mug 

Once filled and locked, this thing is leakproof, which is good as on my bedside table (on wheels), it might be prone to falling over. As it’s going to be full of milk, that’s a bad idea. Filled with chilled milk at bedtime, it will hopefully remain cool enough to prevent it going off overnight, so I can use it to take my early morning meds, at 06.00, which badly need a buffer (the red top can be completely removed or the centre can be unscrewed for a drink-through facility) :-

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Organic does not mean chemical free…

There’s a debate – I use the word extremely loosely, because it’s really, to a great extent, a  display of ignorance and prejudice – in the comments to an article in the Independent about organic milk allegedly being healthier than ordinary milk.

That claim, however, only works, as one commenter spotted, if you cherry-pick the results, and one guy, pushing the organic line, quite bizarrely claimed Continue reading

Milk-bags and Jugits – the future of milk retailing?

I’m not entirely convinced that they are. Not yet, anyway.

I get through rather a lot of milk. Currently it’s about 6 pints a week, but it has been as high as 12-16 pints (my drugs irritate my stomach, milk sooths it). This means I have plastic milk jugs to dispose of – not really a big deal.

However, I’ve been looking at the Jugit + milk bag system (you put the floppy milk bag in the Jugit), and there are a couple of points that bother me.

The first one is storage. The storage space in my fridge door is huge. Milk and juice, and glass standard bottles (booze** or whatever), live at the bottom; smaller bottles,  and jars, plus some boxes and tubs of drugs, on 7 other, smaller, shelves. It works very well.

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